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Why Koru Development? We’re different

Koru development have extensive experience in consciously optimising performance with purpose, wellbeing & soul.Stop. Ask yourself. What if you were to focus on your own development? Your dreams?
Ask yourself what’s possible. What can you begin today?

We’ll introduce you to science backed strategies and practices that help you to step into your extraordinary power and potential. You’ll discover the scientific perspective on ancient modalities as we uncover the interplay between your inner universe and your outer world. We’re all about consciously creating a lifetime of wellness and purpose – inside and out.

We aim to inspire you to connect with yourself and others, to live a remarkable, confident, soul centered life.

Gill Thackray, Koru founder, is a performance consultant, author and lecturer. She has over 15 years international experience consulting to many organisations including the United Nations, Public Health England, BBC, London School of Economics, Deloitte, Goldsmiths University, South Bank Centre, Spotify, Google and Water Aid. With extensive expertise in leadership, performance and resilience Gill works with clients globally to create conscious transformation and positive change.

She is also the founder of Mindful Rewilding, a company she founded in 2022 to inspire people to engage with ecopsychology, mindfulness in nature and ancient wisdom traditions to tackle climate change. Her work has been widely featured in the media including The Guardian, Success Magazine, Ultra Sport & Stylist Magazine.

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