30 Day Transformation Coaching

We’re so excited to offer this powerful, intensive, 30 day transformational coaching programme. Created by coach & author Gill Thackray, this new offering is for you if you want to immerse yourself in personal transition for an entire month. This intensive, immersive, 30 day programme is a powerful process. We’ll be working together, with one client at a time, each month, creating space to focus on your personal growth and transformation.

If you are ready for a transformative journey, have the time and energy to commit to 30 days, to focus entirely on yourself, this coaching programme is for you.

Deep Dive Coaching

This is a deep dive into intensive coaching. You’ll create the time and space to focus on yourself and your unique personal journey. This 30 day coaching programme is so effective because we’ll be working together to focus on you, your life, your goals and your personal transformation.

If you’re feeling stuck, we’ll use this time to get clear on where you want to go, develop a strategy and initiate a practical action plan with your coach. An entire, month, to spotlight meaning, connection, aspirations and joy. You’ll work through a powerful process designed to erase your limiting beliefs and disrupt well worn habits that no longer serve you. We’ll examine your personal roadblocks & design strategies to overcome obstacles. You’ll focus on your potential and learn tools & techniques to empower your progress.

Is it for You?

Wherever you are, we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Perhaps you’re stuck, feeling demotivated or complacent. Maybe you know what you want, but you’re not sure how to get there. It might be that you’re struggling with confidence and wondering what you could achieve, if only you had the right support. That’s where the 30 day transformational coaching programme comes in. We’ll help you to jump start your life and take things to the next level.

This programme is online, you can take the 30 day transformation coaching from anywhere in the world. It’s flexible and can be scheduled around your commitments, to suit you.

What You’ll Get

When you make a commitment to individual coaching we’ll work with you to identify and achieve your goals using science based methodology. The journey to sustainable change starts here. We’ll support, challenge and inspire you to take practical steps in order to re discover your purpose & passion. Whatever you career or personal goals, big or small, we’ll use our expertise in psychology, growth mindset and personal change to guide you on your journey. Here’s what some of our clients say about our coaching

Your 30 day transformational coaching programme includes;

  • A one hour consultation session
  • Access to diagnostic psychometrics
  • 30 days of dedicated support
  • Daily text & audio support
  • 6 one to one online coaching sessions
  • Daily personal growth sessions delivered to your inbox
  • Your personal journal & workbook
  • Access to all of Koru’s online resources & videos.

Why Choose Koru?

You’re unique. That’s why we’ll create a personalised programme for you. We don’t do off the peg. When you commit to coaching, you’re making an investment in yourself and we will do the same.

We’ll work with you to assess where you are and where you want to go, developing a strategic partnership to help you reach it. During coaching we’ll talk about your motivations for change and develop a unique pathway towards your goals. We’ll use science backed strategies designed to help you create the life you are dreaming of.


Koru coaching is different. We won’t just allocate you an hourly slot. You’ll focus with your coach on reaching your goals. We’ll communicate with you on a regular basis in between sessions providing support, advice and reflection on your progress. We’re here when you need us.


We’ll provide you with resources to inspire and guide you throughout your coaching journey, including;

  • Diagnostic tools to help you measure your progress
  • Inspirational articles to help you maximise you wellbeing (& your progress)
  • Toolkits linked to the coaching models we use to increase your knowledge and skills
  • Regular research updates to keep you up to date with scientific developments in your areas of interest

What People Say About Our Coaching

In this 30-day transformational journey, we will discover what’s been holding you back and create an individual strategy, tailor made for you to achieve your goals. We’ll help you to reach your goals & create the life that you’ve dreamed of. Here’s what people say about our coaching.

Coaching Testimonials

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that working with Gill changed my life. Her compassionate & inspiring coaching style opened so many possibilities for me; I viewed things in a completely different way & Gill’s practical tips saw me make tangible progress each time we met. I can’t thank Gill enough for being such a wonderful listener, providing gentle guidance and helping me to address the balance in my life.”

Isabelle Campbell, Financial Times

I met Gill when attending a brilliantly delivered resilience training course. At the time I was seeking a coach to work with and she immediately struck me as the person I should be working with. We quickly developed a relationship over the phone and then met face to face. We have now been working together for 18 months and it has been a transformational process. Gill has challenged me in ways that I very much needed and ultimately made me see very clearly the path I should be pursuing in my career. Gill has been instrumental for many of the positive changes in my life and has remained a constant source of support. I have recommended Gill to multiple friends and colleagues and I am pleased many have now chosen to work with her in training and coaching. I would firmly recommend Gill and hope to keep working with her in the future.

Sarah Southern, Comedian and Writer

“Gill’s coaching and development helped me to realise my strengths and focus on how best to utilise them. In a short time Gill had a significant impact on my self awareness, vision for the future and how to overcome the barriers that were holding me back. I would strongly recommend her work.”

Rob Lamond

“Gill helped me a lot seeing things much clearer during a stressful moment in my career and personal life. She has given me the tools to “have a breather” when I needed it the most and then keep on with my life. I would certainly recommend Gill to anyone who is interested in improving professionally and personally. Thanks again Gill for your invaluable support.”

R.D. Artistic Director

“Koru is a great way of understanding yourself and managing your life. It helps you work out a healthier balance between action and thought and creates both physical and mental harmony. Simple techniques that can be learnt even if you are an experienced manager already. I would recommend the professionalism and wisdom of their approach and people”

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive, WEA

“Gill is an extremely effective career coach. She listens to what is being said and what isn’t being said, and is excellent at the pointed question that gets to the heart of the matter. Her people skills shine through – she gets the whole picture rather than just a narrow career view. Easy to relate to and highly recommended.”

Mike Kitto, Commercial Accountant

Your Coach

Gill Thackray is a performance psychologist and author. She has worked with thousands of individuals to help them achieve their dreams. You can read more about Gill and her work here in her bio.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

This coaching programme is all about you. You’ll focus on your potential and get real results. It’s intensive and we’ll only be coaching 1 person per month.

Price: £1200 to be paid prior to the first session

We ask that you ensure that you are able to create the time and commitment to this period of transformation. If you would like to be considered for the 30 day programme, get in touch or book now