How to stay fit whilst travelling for work

How To Stay Fit Whilst Travelling For Work

How to stay fit whilst travelling for work is an eternal conundrum. Endless hours, preparing for travel, long flights, different time zones and lack of exercise equipment can all make it tough to keep in shape. Remaining healthy when travelling for business is, sometimes, a task of herculean proportions. Little wonder, Richard Defrank from the…

Why Spending Time In Nature Will Increase Your Productivity

Spending time in nature will increase your productivity (yes, really). We spend most of our time indoors, at work, on our laptops, glued to our tech, commuting or watching TV. There are multiple health benefits associated with time spent outdoors. We all want to be more productive, nature just might give you the helping hand…

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm to Optimise Your Performance

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm to Optimise Your Performance

Research from the world of sports psychology demonstrates how circadian rhythms impact the performance of elite athletes. How about the rest of us? These daily rhythms govern your body, brain and ultimately, your performance. We take a look at how to use your circadian rhythm to optimum performance.

The World Health Organisation has now classified burnout as an illness. We take a look at how to overcome the burnout epidemic.

Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic

For the first time ever, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised workplace burnout as a diagnosable condition, adding it to the  International Classification of Diseases. If you’ve ever ever experienced burnout, you may be left wondering what took them so long. We take a look at how to overcome the burnout epidemic.

Understanding the science of habits is the key to cracking the habit code. Here's how to start hacking the Habit Loop with Mindfulness.

Hacking the Habit Loop with Mindfulness

If you’ve ever tried to make or break a habit you’ll know that it’s less than easy. The key? Understanding the science of habits. Once you’ve cracked the habit code, you can begin to manipulate it to create the kind of habits that you can be proud of. Welcome to the habit loop.

We all want to be liked. What's wrong with that? Here's why being too nice is bad for you.

Why Being Too ‘Nice’ Is Bad For You

We all want to be liked. What’s wrong with that? When ‘Sorry’ is your favourite word and you find yourself constantly apologising for the misdemeanours of others, it’s time to revisit ‘nice.’ Here’s why being too nice is bad for you.

Practising Mindful Gratitude. Gratitude is good for us, but what is it, how can we benefit from it and how can we cultivate those feelings?

Practising Mindful Gratitude

Research over the last few years has demonstrated the many wellness benefits of gratitude. Keeping our eyes peeled for the positive reduces depression, increases our wellbeing, makes us happier, it also changes our brain. Heres how.

Embrace Your Inner Hygge

Embrace Your Inner Hygge

Filled with ‘Meh’ when it’s dark by 4pm? Winter is the perfect time to connect with yourself and your inner stillness. Crisp, frosty mornings and long dark nights are a great opportunity to give yourself a warm glow inside by creating hygge. Pronounced hoo-ga and sometimes translated as a ‘Cosyness of the soul’.  It’s all…

Self Care Tips for a Calm Christmas.

Self Care Tips for a Calm Christmas

Christmas. The time for carols, tinsel, mince pies and let’s face it, sometimes, stress and anxiety. Christmas can be crazy busy and not much fun. Reframe the frenzy into the perfect time of year to practice self care. So, how to make sure you don’t lose your sparkle amidst the chaos? Here are 5 self care…