Can Mindfulness Help You Control Anger? Is it time to reframe anger as information? Here's how with mindfulness and neuroscience.

Can Mindfulness Help You Control Anger?

Anger. It’s one of our uglier emotions. Sometimes it gets the better of us, other times we try to hide it. Angry? Who, Me? The truth is that anger is information and it’s what we do with that information that matters. Anger can destroy us or change the world. But can mindfulness help you control anger?

What is Mindfulness? There has been a surge of interest in mindfulness over the past 10 years. But are you still left wondering what is mindfulness? We've got the answers.

What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, nodded enthusiastically and wandered off into your own internal world, wondering what they just said? Congratulations, that’s the opposite of being mindful. So, now you know what it isn’t, what is mindfulness?

Is it possible that rethinking our perception of stress could increase our ability to manage it? For World Mental Health Awareness Day, we examine new research suggesting that the way we perceive stress may be critical in terms of how we respond to it. Ever wondered how your perception of stress can affect your stress level ? Here's how to rewire your stress response.

How Your Perception of Stress Can Affect Your Stress Level

Ever wondered how your perception of stress can affect your stress level? New research suggests that our stress perception is critical, here’s how to rewire it.

Why You (Really) Need Self Compassion Mindfulness

Why You (Really) Need Self Compassion Mindfulness

If you’re ruled by your inner critic, listening to a narrative that constantly puts you down, it’s time to stop beating up on yourself. Mindful self compassion meditation can help us to be kinder to ourselves, to recover from failure and dial down the volume of that inner sniper. Here’s why you really need self…

How mindfulness can benefit your business

How Mindfulness can Benefit your Business

The ability to develop resilience, manage stress and deal with failure is critical to success in today’s fast paced, highly demanding workplace. Stress and presenteeism have reached an unprecedented record high in the UK . The American Institute of Stress (AIS) estimates that 80% of workers experience stress at work with 40% of those identifying that…

Can mindfulness reduce pain? New research suggests it can.

Can Mindfulness Reduce Pain?

If you live with pain you’ll already know that it is both physically and emotionally depleting. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain each year but new research may provide a paradigm shift in pain management. If you’re asking yourself, can mindfulness reduce pain? read on.

Positive psychology in the workplace focuses upon creating the optimum environment for employees to flourish through positive workplace behaviours.

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Is your workplace more than just a bit ‘Ugh?’ So you want to belong to a workplace that thrives? You recognise that happy people equal a healthy bottom line but where do you start? Positive psychology in the workplace is essential to manage failure, increase success and boost performance.

3 Proven Benefits of Disconnecting from Tech

3 Proven Benefits of Disconnecting from Tech

Do you need a digital diet? Take a look around you. How many people do you see, eyes down, engrossed, bewitched by their smartphone or device? Thought so. We’re constantly plugged in, whether we’re checking emails, refreshing feeds or spending longer than we intended on social media. Being constantly connected can have a  darker side,…

The 10 Best Mindfulness TED Talks

The 10 Best Mindfulness TED Talks

So you’ve heard about mindfulness and you want to know more. We’ve rounded up the 10 best mindfulness TED Talks to get you started on your mindfulness journey.

20 Mindfulness Quotes that will change your life

20 Mindfulness Quotes that will Change your life

Regular meditators say that mindfulness is life changing. Don’t take their word for it, there’s now research from the world of neuroscience to back up those claims. If you’re looking for mindfulness based inspiration to transform you, we’ve collated 20 mindfulness quotes that will change your life.