Building Resilience Training Course

The building resilience online training course is an interactive, practical, evidence based programme. Research demonstrates that resilience training is an effective way to manage difficult and stressful situations. The good news is, that resilience can be taught and learnt. This building resilience training course is for anyone who would like to explore how to manage stress, build resilience, avoid burnout and optimise performance.

Our next 4 week online Developing Resilience Training course will begin on Monday 10th August and run each Monday until 31st August between 11.30am – 1.30pm GMT

Each week, the course will be delivered live online for delegates. A recording of each week will be available afterwards so that you can work at your own pace if you are unable to join us on the day.

Building Resilience Training
Building Resilience Training

Who is the online resilience training course for?

Our online resilience course is for anyone who would like to develop resilience, master stress management and reduce burnout. Learning resilience with us is accessible and designed to allow you work at your own pace. Each week we will work through the course modules with an opportunity for Q&A afterwards. We’ll work with you to create an evidence based road map for resilience.

What you’ll get on our Online Resilience Training Course

  • 4 Weekly Two Hour Sessions with content available afterwards
  • Ongoing Q&A support
  • Downloadable course workbook
  • Additional PDF downloads and exercises to work through at your own pace

Course delegates are also invited to use the regularly updated free resources available at Koru Development.

Course fee: The course fee is £195. Places are limited, so book your place now.

Online Resilience Training Course Content

Module 1: 

  • What is resilience?
  • The evidence base for resilience training
  • It’s a VUCA world
  • Establishing your values – your internal GPS system
  • The Yerkes Dodson Curve – Pressure, Flow, Stress & Burnout
  • Stress and the amygdala hijack
  • The exhaustion funnel and 3 domains of burnout – how to recognise them
  • Establishing flow moments
  • Recognising your individual signs & symptoms
  • The C.I.A. Model
  • Auditing your day for energy

Module 2: 

  • The myth of multitasking
  • Attention deficit cultures
  • Cognitive gridlock and how to avoid it
  • Mono – tasking
  • Periodisation – Learning lessons from elite sports
  • Sacrifice syndrome and renewal
  • Managing technology & digital detox
  • The 7Cs of Resilience
  • Is happiness at work realistic?

Module 3

  • Growth mindset and how to develop it
  • The power of ‘Not yet’
  • Lessons from positive psychology for sustainable performance & resilience
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • The importance of self regulation – a key differentiator
  • The PERMA model
  • The impact of toxic cultures
  • Bullying & Incivility at work
  • Developing compassion at work

Module 4

  • Mindfulness as a stress management intervention
  • Developing mindfulness at work
  • Saying yes to yourself and no to others
  • Assertiveness
  • Time management strategies to take away and begin using immediately
  • Lindsay’s model of career adaptability and how to develop it
  • Maintaining agility during change

Why Choose Koru Development?

The Developing Resilience course was  designed by Koru Development in response to requests for a comprehensive online resilience resource. Lead facilitator on the Developing Resilience course is Gill Thackray. She first began working in the field of resilience whilst working in United Nations refugee camps. Since then she has worked internationally as a performance psychologist with elite sporting bodies such as the Football Association and UK Sport to build resilience and optimise sustainable performance.

Her client list includes Fortune 100 companies, the United Nations, Health Education England, Great Ormond Street Hospital, British Society for Rheumatology, Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research UK, BBC, University College of Osteopathy, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Ernst and Young, Chartered Institute of Accountants for England and Wales, Lancaster University Bonington Leadership Programme, London School of Economics, Google, Natural History Museum and the V&A amongst others. Gill is the author of ‘Mindfulness Coach’ and the ‘Positivity Coach’ both due December 2020 published by Michael O’Mara Books, London.

In the Press

Her expertise in resilience means that she is a frequent conference contributor as well as contributing to publications including The Guardian, Ultra Sport, Thrive Global and Success Magazine amongst others.

Our Research

Gill has undertaken research into leadership resilience with Aberdeen University, examining the efficacy of mindfulness interventions upon leadership resilience, emotional intelligence and compassion. Her work draws upon this extensive experience of working with thousands of people working in the health service, private sector and tech start ups. We are trusted to distill the latest research in resilience, providing proven practical strategies to manage stress, develop resilience and optimise sustainable performance.

Coaching for healthcare Organisations
Coaching for healthcare Organisations
Coaching for healthcare professionals
Coaching for healthcare professionals

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