Mindfulness for Creativity & Innovation at Work Training

Mindfulness at Work for Creativity & Innovation Training

“The brain is like an orchestra, with different sections playing in synchrony at different times. Balance is everything—too loud, too soft, out of sync or out of tune, and it doesn’t sound quite right. The key to optimising the creative process is balancing the brain networks.”

Crystal Goh

Mindfulness at Work for Creativity & Innovation Training

Outline: This interactive Mindfulness at Work for Creativity & Innovation Training session will look at what mindfulness is and how you can harness it for creativity and innovation in your role. This mindfulness training for creative companies uses discussion, mindfulness & creativity research, creative exercises and mindful practices during the session we’ll examine;

  • What mindfulness is (and isn’t)
  • The neuroscience of mindfulness
  • The four stages of the creative brain
  • How to apply mindfulness to the creative process
  • Attentional blindness
  • Managing the inner narrative & shutting down negative self talk
  • Resilience, insight and innovation
  • Cognitive control: disrupting habitual cognitive patterns
  • How to engage in mindful practices that allow creativity to flourish

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session participants will be able to;

  • Leave with a toolkit of mindful creative strategies that they can employ immediately in the workplace
  • Be able to describe mindfulness and how it impacts upon creativity
  • Reduce the impact of habitual thinking
  • Employ sideways learning
  • Improve decision making
  • Manage the inner critic
  • Disrupt habitual thinking

What do people say about this Mindfulness at Work for Creativity & Innovation Training?

“This was an inspirational course!” Delegate, Spotify, Stockholm

Why Choose Koru for Your Mindfulness Courses?

It’s likely that you’ll already have heard of mindfulness or know someone who practices it. Many organisations have developed their own programmes. We’ve worked internationally delivering mindfulness courses with organisations such as Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, UKSport, Spotify, ICAEW, London School of Economics, Goldsmiths University, WaterAid, Bonington Leadership programme and even the Victoria and Albert Museum amongst others to design and deliver mindfulness at work programmes, in house mindful leadership courses, mindful leadership coaching and providing leadership retreat ideas. With our mindful leadership training you’ll be creating the space to examine how mindfulness can enhance your existing leadership skills, reflect upon your leadership practice and learn critical mindful leadership skills in a supportive peer group of female leaders.

We’ve trained with Google’s SYLI Emotional Intelligence for Leaders programme as well as training with Aberdeen University, Bangor University and Dr Patricia Collard to fulfill UK mindfulness teacher requirements. We’re committed to our own continuing professional development, our senior Mindful Leader facilitator, Gill Thackray, holds an MSc in Mindfulness Studies and is currently completing PhD mindfulness leadership research into the impact of mindfulness and compassion training on leadership efficacy. She regularly attends CPD events internationally and at The Oxford Mindfulness Centre and The Mindfulness Association. She regularly presents keynotes at leadership and management events and mindful leadership conferences.

Our own personal mindfulness practice spans 20 years. We draw upon this alongside our corporate experience of successfully building our own businesses working with FTSE 500 companies. We are committed to the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines and meet the Best Practice Guidelines set out by the British Government’s Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group. We are registered with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association and the UK Registered Teachers list.

We’re leaders in the mindfulness at work field

We write articles on the benefits of mindful leadership and mindfulness at work for national and international publications including The Guardian, Thrive Global, Ultra Sport, Success Magazine, Refinery 29, Dare Magazine and HR Zone. We also regularly contribute as speakers at international mindfulness at work conferences.

What You’ll Get

On our mindfulness courses at Koru we use the latest research from leadership, neuroscience, positive psychology, resilience and mindfulness. We also conduct our own research so you know you’ll be getting the most up to date information possible.

We provide innovative, practical training courses that equip you to return to your role and start making a real difference straight away.  All of our courses come with;

  • Unlimited post training support
  • Free access to our psychometrics
  • Free access to our e-books, infographics, blogs, videos and resources
  • All of our courses are bespoke to you and your organisation as standard. We don’t do off the shelf and we don’t charge extra to tailor make courses for you meaning you get exactly what you need. 
  • Regular Q&A Surgeries for former delegates
  • Qualified business psychologists with real world business experience

We work internationally with Fortune 500 companies delivering brain based programmes that work. Get in touch for our full course outline or to talk more about your learning and development needs. Want to know more? Get in touch to find out more about our mindfulness courses.