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Mindful Leadership for Women Training

Our unique mindful leadership for women programme will introduce you to the benefits of mindful leadership for you and your business. This inspirational one day mindful leadership for women training combines mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology, empowering you to be the most effective, authentic, heart centred leader that you can be.

The way we lead is changing, mindfulness offers us a way to keep up with that unprecedented rate of change in a VUCA world. You’ll examine the business case for mindfulness at work along with the benefits of mindfulness for organisational culture. The corporate world has seen an explosion of interest in mindfulness over the past 10 years but what is it and how can it enhance your leadership? Our mindful leadership for women training provides an opportunity for you to find a way to navigate the terrain of modern leadership.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness of what is happening as it’s happening. It’s the ability to recognise and step out of autopilot. To move from the usual default mode of constantly doing to being present in the moment. A self-observation of thoughts, self talk, feelings and emotions without judgement allowing you to clear the mental clutter providing greater clarity of thinking and decision making.

Why use Koru for your Mindful Leadership for Women Training?

It’s likely that you’ll already have heard of mindfulness or know someone who practices it. Many organisations have developed their own programmes. We’ve worked internationally with organisations such as Deloitte, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, UKSport, Spotify, ICAEW, London School of Economics, Goldsmiths University, WaterAid, Bonington Leadership programme and even the Victoria and Albert Museum amongst others to design and deliver mindfulness at work programmes, in house mindful leadership courses, mindful leadership coaching and providing leadership retreat ideas. With our mindful leadership training you’ll be creating the space to examine how mindfulness can enhance your existing leadership skills, reflect upon your leadership practice and learn critical mindful leadership skills in a supportive peer group of female leaders.

We’ve trained with Google’s SYLI Emotional Intelligence for Leaders programme as well as training with Aberdeen University, Bangor University and Dr Patricia Collard to fulfill UK mindfulness teacher requirements. We’re committed to our own continuing professional development, our senior Mindful Leader facilitator, Gill Thackray, holds an MSc in Mindfulness Studies and is currently completing PhD mindfulness leadership research into the impact of mindfulness and compassion training on leadership efficacy. She regularly attends CPD events internationally and at The Oxford Mindfulness Centre and The Mindfulness Association. She regularly presents keynotes at leadership and management events and mindful leadership conferences.

Our own personal mindfulness practice spans 20 years. We draw upon this alongside our corporate experience of successfully building our own businesses working with FTSE 100 companies. We are committed to the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines and meet the Best Practice Guidelines set out by the British Government’s Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group. We are registered with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association and the UK Registered Teachers list.

We’re leaders in the mindfulness at work field

We write articles on the benefits of mindful leadership and mindfulness at work for national and international publications including The Guardian, Thrive Global, Ultra Sport, Success Magazine, Refinery 29, Dare Magazine and HR Zone. We also regularly contribute as speakers at international mindfulness at work conferences.

Why Become a Mindful Leader?

The benefits of mindful leadership for women include;

  • Increased resilience and executive stamina
  • Greater authenticity
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • A reduction in stress and burnout prevention
  • The ability to skilfully manage change
  • Improved metacognition (the ability to observe your thoughts, feelings & emotions)
  • Building trust and high performing teams
  • The development of emotional intelligence
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Increased positive emotional states
  • Improved self awareness & self regulation
  • Increased ‘Flow’ state to optimise performance
  • Greater team cohesion
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Increased neuroplasticity
  • Skilled difficult conversations
  • Reduced stress related absenteeism
  • Greater clarity of thought
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • The ability to identify individual habitual patterns of thinking and respond more effectively

Disclaimer: Practicing mindfulness won’t magically decrease your workload, improve the economy or make your colleagues nicer to work with. What it will do is change the way that you perceive and respond to those events enabling you to be a more effective leader.

Core Components of Our Mindful Leadership for Women Programme

Our programme is unique. The mindful leadership for women training is delivered by international business psychologists with an MSc in Mindfulness Studies, certified with professional level qualifications by IMTA, the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. We bring the latest research from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and compassion together in one place to help you develop the skills necessary to become a mindful leader.

Throughout the course you’ll learn scientifically evidenced mindful leadership practices that you can take away and start using straight away in real world situations. We’ll show you how to establish a regular practice using mindfulness to manage the complexities and pressures of your leadership role.

Mindful Leadership for Women Course Content

In this mindful leadership for women workshop we’ll examine the latest scientific research in mindfulness and leadership effectiveness focusing upon how practical mindful leadership skills will give you the tools to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the corporate world.

  • What is mindful leadership?
  • What makes an effective leader?
  • Mindfulness leadership research
  • Why mindful leadership for women?
  • The impact of mindfulness on leaders and businesses
  • The neuroscience of mindful leadership
  • It’s a VUCA world and why that matters to a mindful leader
  • Being a mindful female leader
  • Developing self awareness
  • Recognising habitual mental habits & using mindful leadership to disrupt them
  • Auto pilot and attentional training
  • Sacrifice syndrome and how to overcome it
  • The difference between stress, pressure and burnout and how to prevent it
  • Creating Flow states to optimise performance
  • The key link between positive psychology and mindfulness
  • How to introduce mindfulness to your organisation
  • What does a mindful workplace look like?
  • Learning from failure & responding skilfully to setbacks
  • The link between mindfulness and Emotional intelligence
  • Leverage your strengths to create the results that you want
  • Self awareness and the mindful leader
  • Self regulating under pressure – why it matters
  • Skilfully managing change
  • Developing agile thinking for critical situations
  • Building resilience with mindfulness
  • Renewal: Managing your energy and circadian rhythms as a mindful leader
  • Creating space for creativity, problem solving and innovative leadership
  • The importance of mindful leadership and compassion
  • Free post training 365 day support

How to become a Mindful Leader?

We’ll use facilitator input, discussion, dyads, group exercises, videos, case studies and examples of mindful companies e’ve worked with, guided scientifically proven practices and experiential learning to immerse you in mindful leadership for the duration of the course.

Mindful leadership for Women Training Objectives

Delegates on the mindful leadership for women training course will;

  • Reflect upon your role as an authentic leader
  • Examine what you bring to leadership as a female leader
  • Recognise the changing landscape of leadership & develop the skills essential to thrive
  • Develop the ability to respond to challenging events and difficult situations skilfully
  • Find balance in a VUCA world
  • Model and embody the traits of a mindful leader
  • Identify the most effective way to introduce mindfulness to your business
  • Learn how to connect with the feminine, leading yourself and others
  • Optimise your own performance
  • Create and sustain high performing teams
  • Experience practical, guided mindfulness at work practices
  • Leave with a toolkit of mindfulness techniques to establish a regular mindfulness at work practice
  • Become part of a supportive peer community of female leaders

Mindful Leadership for Women Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course delegates will have developed skills that will enable them to;

  • Identify what mindfulness is
  • Recognise the scientifically evidenced benefits of mindful leadership
  • Identify how research in neuroscience underpins mindful leadership
  • Develop practices to increase resilience & enhance wellbeing
  • Improved communication skills
  • Identify sacrifice syndrome & employ renewal strategies
  • Skilfully meet the challenge of change
  • Develop greater emotional intelligence
  • Enhance self awareness
  • Improved decision making
  • Optimise performance
  • Develop increased self compassion & compassionate leadership
  • Recognise the interplay between mindfulness, neuroscience & positive psychology
  • Utilise a practical toolkit of practices and strategies to start using straight away
  • Develop an individual action plan

Mindful Leadership Training Outputs:

  • Tools and techniques that you can take away & start using immediately:
  • Access to Positive Change Guru’s Mindfulness assessment
  • Completion of our growth mindset assessment
  • Use of our emotional intelligence assessment
  • Sacrifice and renewal audit
  • Access to individual resilience assessment
  • Access to team resilience assessment
  • Simple short daily practices for mindful leadership
  • Access to compassionate organisation assessment
  • Mindful leadership workbook
  • 365 dedicated post mindful leadership training support

Want to know more? Just ask! We deliver courses across the UK, in Europe, USA and internationally which can take place at your workplace or at a separate venue. We also provide residential, bespoke Mindfulness Leadership and Mindfulness at work courses offering espresso bitesize taster training sessions, half day, 1, 2 or 4 day options, along with conference key notes leader retreats.

We’re also currently researching the impact of mindfulness and compassion on leadership efficacy. To find out more about our research, mindful leadership or mindfulness training contact us or visit our events page Our courses

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