Practising Mindful Gratitude. Gratitude is good for us, but what is it, how can we benefit from it and how can we cultivate those feelings?

Practising Mindful Gratitude

Research over the last few years has demonstrated the many wellness benefits of gratitude. Keeping our eyes peeled for the positive reduces depression, increases our wellbeing, makes us happier, it also changes our brain. Heres how.

Embrace Your Inner Hygge

Embrace Your Inner Hygge

Filled with ‘Meh’ when it’s dark by 4pm? Winter is the perfect time to connect with yourself and your inner stillness. Crisp, frosty mornings and long dark nights are a great opportunity to give yourself a warm glow inside by creating hygge. Pronounced hoo-ga and sometimes translated as a ‘Cosyness of the soul’.  It’s all…

How to Create a Mindful Holiday. You can transform any holiday into a mindful zone with a few simple steps. Here's how to create a mindful holiday.

How to Create a Mindful Holiday

Your vacation is the perfect time to be mindful. A mindful holiday will help you to disconnect from the daily grind, recharge and renew. You don’t need to book yourself onto a far away retreat. You can transform any holiday into a mindful oasis with a few simple steps. Here’s how to create a mindful…

How to be mindful at work. We examine how to be mindful at work with these 10 evidenced mindfulness hacks that will help you to reduce stress, improve focus & see your productivity jump.

How to be Mindful at work

Are you desperately trying (& failing) to multitask? Do you battle constant interruptions whilst nursing a workload that gains traction every second? Wondering how to make it all go away? to dial down your perception of stress & manage distractions? Mindfulness might just be the answer. We examine how to be mindful at work with these…

What you can learn about happiness from a Buddhist Monk

What you can Learn about Happiness from a Buddhist Monk

We all want to be happy. It’s part of being human. No one wants to be miserable. We involve ourselves in all sorts of things to avoid it and pursue happiness instead. Sometimes we get caught up in striving, weighing ourselves down with things; a faster car, the next rung on the professional ladder, a…

Breaking the cycle of FOMO

Breaking the Cycle of FOMO

Breaking the cycle of FOMO? But what’s FOMO? You wake up and check social media. You go to dinner and you’re wondering if the other tables are having more fun than you. You constantly check Facebook and all the other social media platforms that you’ve signed up for. You even (gasp) covertly check in on…