What is Mindfulness? There has been a surge of interest in mindfulness over the past 10 years. But are you still left wondering what is mindfulness? We've got the answers.

What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, nodded enthusiastically and wandered off into your own internal world, wondering what they just said? Congratulations, that’s the opposite of being mindful. So, now you know what it isn’t, what is mindfulness?

How to be mindful at work. We examine how to be mindful at work with these 10 evidenced mindfulness hacks that will help you to reduce stress, improve focus & see your productivity jump.

How to be Mindful at work

Are you desperately trying (& failing) to multitask? Do you battle constant interruptions whilst nursing a workload that gains traction every second? Wondering how to make it all go away? to dial down your perception of stress & manage distractions? Mindfulness might just be the answer. We examine how to be mindful at work with these…