Guarding Against Burnout

Guarding Against Burnout

Pre – pandemic the WHO recognised workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon. Lockdown has witnessed an increase in long hours – so what’s going on?

Managing Overwhelm & Burnout

Managing Overwhelm & Burnout

Overwhelm at work can feel out of control. It’s a normal response that we’ve all experienced. We take a look at managing overwhelm & burnout at work.

Periodisation Performance Hacks from Sports Psychology

Work Periodisation Performance Hacks from Sports Psychology

The concept of periodisation has long been used to plan and optimise the performance of elite athletes. These performance psychology principles can be used to sustain high performance, building workplace resilience and wellbeing. Here’s how to borrow work periodisation performance hacks from sports psychology.

Positive psychology in the workplace focuses upon creating the optimum environment for employees to flourish through positive workplace behaviours.

Positive Psychology in the Workplace

Is your workplace more than just a bit ‘Ugh?’ So you want to belong to a workplace that thrives? You recognise that happy people equal a healthy bottom line but where do you start? Positive psychology in the workplace is essential to manage failure, increase success and boost performance.

How to be a mindful leader. Mindfulness is being embraced internationally by businesses. But how can you be a mindful leader? We take a look with 5 Mindful Leader Hacks.

How to be a Mindful Leader

Is your average day frenetic, rapid fire and outcome focused? When did you last have time to pause and reflect at work without interruption? Can’t remember? Mindful leadership may offer an alternative to those cultures that gallop towards burnout. Mindfulness is now ubiquitous in the workplace. Popularised by Google’s successful Search Inside Yourself Leadership Programme…