Giving Back


Here At Koru We Love to Say Thank You

 The Koru Trust

Whenever you work with us we donate to the Koru Trust. The Trust was set up by Gill in 2005 after returning from working in Mae La United Nations refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border. Whilst working in Mae La, Gill was humbled and inspired by those that she met and worked alongside. The friendships that were made during this time have continued and the Koru Trust is a very practical way of maintaining the educational support that began over 12 years ago.

We are fully staffed by volunteers. 100% of funds go to the camp. Gill’s mum, Carol, uses her awesome organisational skills to manage the administration of the Trust, send regular parcels and keep things running smoothly. We also have a small army of talented Yorkshire knitters, making warm woolies for when the cold weather hits the camp. So far we’ve been able to send the following to the Mae La

  • A generator
  • Laptops
  • Educational materials
  • Provide education to degree level for a student 
  • Books
  • Clothes
  • Those woolies!

From time to time Koru also donates to other charities so please let us know if you would like us to support your charity.

Pro Bono Work

In addition to running the Koru Trust, we regularly provide pro bono consultancy, courses, and coaching. If you feel that your organization could benefit, get in touch, we’d love to support you.