Women's Empowerment Training and Coaching

Women’s Empowerment is a subject that’s close to our heart. After starting her career working with homeless young people in London, Gill Thackray, Koru Director has worked around the world supporting girls and women to succeed for the last fifteen years. We know that when you want to change the world you have to start with yourself so that’s what we do. We provide the tools you need to do that using the skills and expertise we’ve learned from the world of business.

Whether women’s empowerment means working with you as a leader or supporting you as you develop the skills you need to get where you want to go, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with a range of women in high profile international roles including the United Nations, PWC and Deloitte to develop leadership and build capacity. We’ve also supported grass root NGO projects and domestic violence charities empowering women and girls to develop their skills, confidence, self esteem and potential. We use our skills and expertise in positive psychology, growth mindset, neuroscience and mindfulness to empower women and girls to achieve their goals. We’re passionate about women’s empowerment, equality, creating opportunities and providing women with the tools they need to flourish, thrive and succeed.

Whether you’re an emerging leader, are already leading and managing or you want to work on your personal development, we can help you. We’ve worked with female CEOs, directors, managers, engineers, accountants, coaches and teachers to build confidence, develop capacity and optimise their potential. Whether it’s one to one, coaching, seminars, retreats, consulting, training or inspirational women’s empowerment keynotes we’d love to work with you.

We walk our change the world talk. A percentage of all Koru work goes to the Koru Trust working, a small charity on the Burma border providing refugees with educational resources, clothing and support. We also provide pro bono work so if you think your orgnanisation is a good fit, get in touch.

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