Why psychological safety is critical for high performing teams

High Performance & Psychological Safety

What do high performing teams have in common? It’s a factor that is missing in toxic teams and critical for optimum performance. Here’s why risk taking, failure and psychological safety are crucial ingredients if you want to succeed as a team.

How To Manage Your Cognitive Load

How To Manage Your Cognitive Load

What does a typical day look like for you? Are you caught in a cycle of perpetual¬†multi tasking? Constantly in fire fighting mode? If you’re mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of each day you could benefit from managing your cognitive load using a tool developed with astronauts. Optimise your performance and maintain mental…

How to stay fit whilst travelling for work

How To Stay Fit Whilst Travelling For Work

How to stay fit whilst travelling for work is an eternal conundrum. Endless hours, preparing for travel, long flights, different time zones and lack of exercise equipment can all make it tough to keep in shape. Remaining healthy when travelling for business is, sometimes, a task of herculean proportions. Little wonder, Richard Defrank from the…

Why Spending Time In Nature Will Increase Your Productivity

Spending time in nature will increase your productivity (yes, really). We spend most of our time indoors, at work, on our laptops, glued to our tech, commuting or watching TV. There are multiple health benefits associated with time spent outdoors. We all want to be more productive, nature just might give you the helping hand…

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm to Optimise Your Performance

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm to Optimise Your Performance

Research from the world of sports psychology demonstrates how circadian rhythms impact the performance of elite athletes. How about the rest of us? These daily rhythms govern your body, brain and ultimately, your performance. We take a look at how to use your circadian rhythm to optimum performance.