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The Imposter Syndrome

Welcome to this toolkit. It’s designed to help you explore and overcome imposter syndrome. Linked to feelings of self-doubt and fraudulence, we’ve all had it (a huge 1 in 7 of us) but you can overcome it. Here’s how.

Build Your Resilience

This is the beginning of your resilience journey. Remember resilience is something that you do rather than something you have. You can begin to build your resilience by setting yourself incremental, manageable goals.

Managing Stress with Qigong

A guided meditation. Press pause & practice this meditation daily to increase your inner calm, reduce stress & combat burnout

A video demonstrating a simple Qigong practice that you can use daily. Regular practice will help you to battle burnout & manage stress.

A 30-Day Qigong Challenge chart. Track your practice with our daily planner and reflect on the changes that you notice in your energy each day. If you fall off the Qigong wagon & miss a day, don’t worry. You’re in this for the long haul.

Mindfulness Self Care

This plan is way for you to begin mapping out what self-care means to you. It’s a way to examine where you are right now as well as identify how to regain your equilibrium if you already recognize that your own self-care has taken a back seat. Here are our pillars of mindful self-care to consider. For each pillar, write down activities or strategies that you can use that will contribute to your wellbeing e.g. meditation, time with friends or healthy boundaries.