The Power of Yet

The Power of Yet

It may only consist three small letters but ‘Yet’ is one mighty word. When it comes to developing a growth mindset the power of yet is phenomenal. We take a look at the super power properties of ‘Yet.’

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

Once you understand the principles of fixed and growth mindsets, the world will never look the same. Adapting a growth mindset builds resilience, increases performances and provides an invaluable framework to view failure constructively. What’s more data from the field of neuroscience has demonstrated that developing a growth mindset increases your brain’s neuroplasticity and in turn, your potential. What’s not to like?

Mindset and Performance

Whether you’re using mindset in your professional or personal life, you’ll notice a huge improvement in your performance. Each time we practice a growth mindset approach we increase our neural growth, develop new neural connections, strengthen more of the neural pathways that will assist our performance and ability to learn.

The Power of Not Yet

The foundation of growth mindset is the ability to analyse, flex and adapt. That’s where the power of not yet comes in. It’s human to doubt and wonder if you can. Any time that we step outside of our comfort zone and into flow or optimum performance there is always a stretch of skill involved. If you find yourself asking “Can I?” you’re not alone. Sometimes you’ll fail. It’s how we learn but it’s what we say to ourselves in those moments that is key to success.

When you hear your inner narrative tell you

“I can’t.”

“I’ll never.”

“It’s impossible.”

We’re sure you’ve got your own favourite versions of this negative self talk (we all have). Add one word. Yet. Can’t is a message to ourseelves that we’re giving up. We’re effectively saying that the task is too much for us. Stop for a moment and ask yourself, is that really true?

Yet is a Bridge

Yet is the bridge between what we can can’t do right now and what is possible – at some point in the future. Success requires effort and practice. Your potential needs the attitude of ‘Yet’ to arrive at its destination. Getting to yet from can’t takes time, but it is possible. Here’s how.

The Power of Yet. How

  • When you face new challenges remind yourself of previous successes and the effort involved to achieve them
  • When you hear “I can’t” respond with a growth mindset “Yet”
  • Embrace new challenges and set yourself learning goals. Remember mastery is the route to success.
  • Remember that you’re a lifelong learner and high performance will always require effort
  • Each time you adopt a growth mindset you’ll be developing resilience and a psychological footprint to take into your next challenge. Remember the power of yet.

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