Is it possible that rethinking our perception of stress could increase our ability to manage it? For World Mental Health Awareness Day, we examine new research suggesting that the way we perceive stress may be critical in terms of how we respond to it. Ever wondered how your perception of stress can affect your stress level ? Here's how to rewire your stress response.

How Your Perception of Stress Can Affect Your Stress Level

Ever wondered how your perception of stress can affect your stress level? New research suggests that our stress perception is critical, here’s how to rewire it.

What is Mindset? We give take a look at mindset meaning and bring you the skinny on growth mindset Vs fixed mindset.

What is Mindset?

Mindset. It’s everywhere whether you know it or not. Growth mindset is one of the key differentiators between people who achieve their goals and those who don’t. Recognising a Growth mindset (and using it) dramatically impacts upon your performance whatever you do in life. Achieving your goals with a growth mindset is a lifelong habit…

What Mindful Leaders can Learn from the World Cup 2018

What Mindful Leaders Can Learn From The World Cup 2018

What mindful leaders can learn from the world cup 2018? Ok, we can hear you asking, “Really?” Scratch beneath the hype and reframe the question; what can we learn about mindful leadership from the World Cup 2018? Ok, at first glance, not a lot. But dig a little deeper and there are many parallels between…