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What Every Leader Should Know About Civility at Work

What Every Leader Should Know About Civility at Work

Civility at work enhances performance. Incivility? Not so much. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The link between incivility and performance at work is well documented. The cost of a toxic culture on performance and wellbeing is enormous. Here’s what every leader should know about civility at work and why it needs to be the new normal.

The Workplace Bullying Toolkit

Workplace Bullying Toolkit

Why The Workplace Bullying Toolkit? When we’re talking about optimising performance we’re often asked by clients about how to manage workplace bullying. The truth is, bullying impacts everyone in an organisation. It lowers performance and productivity. Bullying demotivates teams and individuals increasing staff turnover. It also contributes to what the World Health Organisation has described …

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