Understanding the science of habits is the key to cracking the habit code. Here's how to start hacking the Habit Loop with Mindfulness.

Hacking the Habit Loop with Mindfulness

If you’ve ever tried to make or break a habit you’ll know that it’s less than easy. The key? Understanding the science of habits. Once you’ve cracked the habit code, you can begin to manipulate it to create the kind of habits that you can be proud of. Welcome to the habit loop.

What is Mindset? We give take a look at mindset meaning and bring you the skinny on growth mindset Vs fixed mindset.

What is Mindset?

Mindset. It’s everywhere whether you know it or not. Growth mindset is one of the key differentiators between people who achieve their goals and those who don’t. Recognising a Growth mindset (and using it) dramatically impacts upon your performance whatever you do in life. Achieving your goals with a growth mindset is a lifelong habit…

15 Positive Psychology Quotes to Inspire You.

15 Positive Psychology Quotes to Inspire You

In need of inspiration, introspection and enlightenment? We’ve got 15 positive psychology quotes to supercharge your day. Write them down, cut them out, stick them somewhere prominent and let their wisdom shine into your day. Here are 15 positive psychology quotes to inspire you. Instant Va Va Va Voom for your day.

Why Growth Mindset at Work Matters

Why Growth Mindset Matters at Work

We’re great at talking about growth mindset and the work of Stanford Professor, Carol Dweck but what does it mean in practice? How does it play out in the business world? What about growth mindset at work? Hands up if you tell people you’ve got it as you nod sagely but in secret, well, in…

Breaking the cycle of FOMO

Breaking the Cycle of FOMO

Breaking the cycle of FOMO? But what’s FOMO? You wake up and check social media. You go to dinner and you’re wondering if the other tables are having more fun than you. You constantly check Facebook and all the other social media platforms that you’ve signed up for. You even (gasp) covertly check in on…