What is Mindfulness? There has been a surge of interest in mindfulness over the past 10 years. But are you still left wondering what is mindfulness? We've got the answers.

What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, nodded enthusiastically and wandered off into your own internal world, wondering what they just said? Congratulations, that’s the opposite of being mindful. So, now you know what it isn’t, what is mindfulness?

Can mindfulness reduce pain? New research suggests it can.

Can Mindfulness Reduce Pain?

If you live with pain you’ll already know that it is both physically and emotionally depleting. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain each year but new research may provide a paradigm shift in pain management. If you’re asking yourself, can mindfulness reduce pain? read on.

Do Mindful Colouring books works? We round up the research asking ‘Do mindful colouring books work?’ and give you our top 5 mindful colouring tips.

Do Mindful Colouring Books Work?

Do Mindful Colouring Books Work? The publishing market is flooded with mindful colouring books for adults. No longer the domain of crayons and children, there are now a plethora of mindful colouring books to choose from. Maybe you’ve bought one, or wondered what colouring books have to do with mindfulness? Or perhaps you’re still wondering, do…

The 10 Best Mindfulness Apps

The 10 Best Mindfulness Apps

Feeling stressed out? A mindfulness app might be just the the thing to dial down your frazzle. But which app is the right one for you? We take a look at the 10 best mindfulness apps on the market. We examine the best android and IOS apps, paid for Vs free downloads along with the…