Can Mindfulness Help You Control Anger? Is it time to reframe anger as information? Here's how with mindfulness and neuroscience.

Can Mindfulness Help You Control Anger?

Anger. It’s one of our uglier emotions. Sometimes it gets the better of us, other times we try to hide it. Angry? Who, Me? The truth is that anger is information and it’s what we do with that information that matters. Anger can destroy us or change the world. But can mindfulness help you control anger?

How mindfulness can benefit your business

How Mindfulness can Benefit your Business

The ability to develop resilience, manage stress and deal with failure is critical to success in today’s fast paced, highly demanding workplace. Stress and presenteeism have reached an unprecedented record high in the UK . The American Institute of Stress (AIS) estimates that 80% of workers experience stress at work with 40% of those identifying that…

Can mindfulness reduce pain? New research suggests it can.

Can Mindfulness Reduce Pain?

If you live with pain you’ll already know that it is both physically and emotionally depleting. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain each year but new research may provide a paradigm shift in pain management. If you’re asking yourself, can mindfulness reduce pain? read on.