Global Paradigm Shift

Self Coaching for a Global Paradigm Shift

We’re in a global paradigm shift. The ground is beginning to move beneath us. It’s normal to wonder where your place is in this new landscape. What can you do to support positive change? How about creating your own paradigm?

How to Manage Coronavirus Stress & Anxiety

How to Manage Coronavirus Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety about the impact of COVID-19 is a natural response. Developing strategies to manage coronavirus stress during the outbreak can help.

Mindful Coaching can transform your coaching practice, both for you and your clients. Here's how.

Mindful Coaching

If you’re a coach and you want to transform your coaching practice, mindfulness is a powerful coaching tool. Regular mindfulness practice offers a myriad of science based benefits for you and your clients. Mindful coaching can make an enormous difference to your coaching practice.  Here’s how.